Data Protection

The benefits that are provided by our team’s adept management of your data protection and storage environments are endless, but include:

  • Efficient and effective data recovery
  • Identification and correction of performance issues associated with data growth
  • Your skills-training and experience growth are aided by our expert consultants and training
  • A disaster recovery plan to meet your business requirements
  • Maximisation of the features on your backup and recovery tools
  • Skills transfer from our professionals to yours
  • Maximised efficiency on your backup storage assets

We address all challenges found in organisations across the spectrum, and detail your obstacles in our proposed solutions. These can include:

  • Current capacities of servers, and whether they will meet growth requirements
  • Disaster Recovery plans – are they relevant, and do they allow for successful recovery for both servers and clients?
  • Data retention policies meeting the requirements of your business
  • Back up windows and recovery-time objectives, being met without regular operational failures
  • Data management policies following corporate and IT best practises
  • Maximisation of all features and functions of your storage manager in the current environment

We pride ourselves on our ability to safely and successfully manage your data, by implementing and maintaining our simple processes in your organisation:

  • Perform an analysis and assessment of your storage server and associated client backups, and provide recommendations
  • Provide fully comprehensive training
  • Perform health checks on backups, disaster recovery plans, and data-retention policies
  • Prevent loss of critical data through data-protection and regular backups

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