Data Protection

Pedion specialises in IBM® Spectrum Protect, and enterprise-wide storage management application. Spectrum Protect provides automated storage management services to workstations, personal computers, and file servers from a variety of vendors, with a variety of operating systems.

Our IBM® Spectrum Protect Health Check provides a thorough audit of your current IBM® Spectrum Protect environment, efficiently ensuring that your backups, disaster recovery plans, and data retention policies are operating effectively and meeting your growth and performance requirements, in line with best practises in your organisation.

Pedion is extensively skilled to design, implement and maintain all IBM® storage products, including:

IBM® System Storage DS8000 series

A resilient, scalable, high performance storage system with a wide scope of storage workloads.


A high-end, high-performance disk system, ideal for cloud and analytics.

IBM® Spectrum Virtulize software-designed

with data-virtualisation capabilities, forms the basis of IBM® Storwize® family.

Storwize® V7000

a virtualized storage system designed to consolidate workloads into a single storage system.

IBM® System Storage DS4000 series

A mid-range disk storage system with a high-performance 4 GBPS Fibre Channel interface.

and Brocade

For consolidation, network convergence, virtualization and cloud computing with a full range of 8 Gigabits/sec and 16 Gigabits/sec SAN switches, directors and management software.

and Cisco

This partnership provides midrange switches and enterprise directors for IBM® system storage.

IBM® Mcdata Enterprise Fabric Connectivity Manager

Designed to provide comprehensive network management capability to configure and manage IBM® TotalStorage® SAN m-type (McDATA) fabrics.

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We also have expertise in the IBM® storage software and storage based replication technologies:

  • IBM® Spectrum Control

    Storage monitoring

    Storage automation

    Advanced analytics

    Flexible deployment options

  • IBM® Spectrum Protect SnapShot

    Delivers high levels of protection for key applications and databases using advanced integrated application snapshot backup and restore capabilities.

  • IBM® copy services

    Flashcopy, Global Mirror and Metro Global Mirror.

  • IBM® Spectrum Protect

    And all associated IBM® software.

  • Butterfly Assessments

    On Butterfly storage planning software and storage migration tools.