Software Asset Management

Pedion holds a wealth of experience in the optimisation of software management systems, and will consult on any range of software asset management requirements. If your company is running software on virtual servers, software asset management processes and software is a requirement to reduce your licensing costs and optimise the software you have available to you.

Pedion will assist you in the installation, configuration and validation of this software, as well as aligning the reporting functionality with your environment’s specific configuration – we specialise in the customisation of the tool, in order to maximise the benefit to your company.

The challenges that we manage on a regular basis in organisations using IBM software include:

  • Excluding software that has been purchased as part of a bundle, or under non-PVU licensing metric
  • Deploying agents on the relevant servers in the environment
  • Analysing PVU calculations in complex virtual environments
  • Accounting for software that does not require a license based on its specific licensing conditions and usage environment
Pedion’s software asset management solution helps organisations realise sub-capacity licensing benefits and maximise value through:

  • Installation and Configuration of the Software asset management tool server and it’s agents in the environment
  • Data capture and reporting to analyse and classify identified hardware and software information for accuracy and completeness
  • Product status validation to identify idle or misconfigured software that can be adjusted to potentially reduce licensing requirements
  • Baseline reconciliation to identify potential license exposure or shelf-ware where the organisation could redeploy licenses to reduce software costs
  • Sustainable ILMT management, wherein the organisation is assisted in development and implementation processes to maintain the tool and employ strategies to improve license consumption as the environment evolves over time

Product Image
Pedion has a great deal of experience in advising organisations on their software asset management requirements, with our successful track record based on the following:

  • Technical skills and experience working directly with software asset management and its feature bundle
  • In-depth knowledge of software licensing terms and conditions and how these relate to sub-capacity pricing
  • Experience across a range of industries and companies, allowing us to bring you the latest insights from enterprise with similar IT environments and software management approaches