Pedion is a specialist service provider in the storage, workload automation, and software asset management arenas, for IBM and other software providers. Our solutions are innovative and simple, and can aid in a reduction of running costs, software license costs, and automation-related time expenditure. We offer project management and consulting in all fields in which we operate, and provide extensive training on IBM® Workload Automation and hardware products.

Our range of services include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • Data Protection

    At Pedion, our mandate is to manage your storage infrastructure to mitigate the risk involved in your long-term data protection requirements.

  • Workload Automation

    Pedion focuses on the integration of your applications with you workload automation software – delivering business value with critical applications within the IT scheduling and workload management sphere.

  • Software Asset Management

    Pedion holds a wealth of experience in the optimisation of software management systems, and will consult on any range of software asset management requirements.

  • Training Solutions

    Members of our team have previously presented training at IBM® on IBM® Spectrum Protect Suite, Workload Automation, and various IBM® hardware products, and are certified IBM® trainers.