Workload Automation

Pedion focuses on the integration of your applications with your workload automation software – delivering business value with critical applications within the IT scheduling and workload management sphere.

While the automated batch scheduler is most often overlooked, it is one of the most business-critical tools that you have at your disposal.

The benefit of an automated batch scheduler in your business is vast, and the use of an efficient, healthy batch scheduler can make the difference that allows your company to achieve the required service-level agreements.

  • The solution provided by Pedion is predicated on reliable and proven technology, designed to run across multiple platforms, and is perfectly suited to meet the needs of most distributed scheduling requirements.
  • Automation, monitoring and control of workflow throughout the enterprise IT infrastructure.
  • Can manage hundreds of thousands of workloads a day from a single point of control.
  • Assist in better alignment of IT with business objectives to improve performance and reduce costs.
  • A smooth and efficient batch scheduling process can provide your company with the competitive advantage it requires.
  • Our consultants are specialists in operations management and batch scheduling – allowing them to understand your business drivers and translate them into an effective solution for your organisation.

The hurdles overcome by the installation of a batch processor can be assessed by Pedion, specific to your organisation. They include:

  • Operational delays and scheduling clashes on IT job cards
  • System delays due to unforeseen obstacles can be dealt with automatically
  • Lack of flexibility in the existing platform-based view of operations
  • Production reporting difficulties
  • Lack of integration between cloud technologies and workload scheduling

Product Image
Product Image
Pedion’s process by which they assess and recommend the right solution for your business is tried and tested, and an audit can be executed simply and easily.

Health checks are performed, taking around 5 days to complete, including reporting compilation, tailored to meet your needs. These health checks include:

  • Technical Review
  • Documentation Reviews
  • Toolset Usage
  • Migration from UAT to production processes is optimal
  • Configuration recommendations
  • Future planning
  • Training and support recommendations