IBM® Workload Automation for Batch Automation

IBM® Workload Automation is a leading software automation tool that can manage hundreds of thousands of workloads a day, from a single point of control, helping to better align your IT with business objectives, improve performance, and reduce costs.

Our team is well-versed in the integration between applications and workload automation, and, through the use of IBM® Workload Automation, can provide a leading solution in batch scheduling to your organisation.

IBM® Workload Automation is designed to run across multiple platforms, including Linux, UNIX, and Windows, and is supplied with standard integrations including SAP and PeopleSoft – making it perfectly suited to meet the needs of most distributed scheduling requirements.

The products in this field that we specialise in implementing include:

IBM® Workload Automation

For the automation, monitoring and control of workflow throughout the enterprise IT infrastructure.

IBM® Workload Scheduler for Applications

For the automation, monitoring and management of your enterprise workload throughout heterogeneous systems.

Workload Scheduler Health Check

The IBM® Workload Scheduler Health Check is designed to provide you with a peace of mind, by reviewing system performance, configuration and support processes, and certifying that they are effective and efficient in meeting your business requirements.

While IBM® Workload Scheduler Health Check is a standalone offering from Pedion, it can also be provided as a part of a IBM® Workload Scheduler upgrade project so that improvements can be incorporated into the upgrade. This results in a top-class IBM® Workload Scheduler implementation for our clients.