• Public transport

  • Private coaches

  • Trains

  • Fleet

  • Marine vehicles

  • Fire apparatuses

  • Police cruisers

  • Ambulances

  • Mobile command centers

Keep vehicles connected

Ensure constant connectivity with SD-WAN intelligence optimizing network traffic across Wi-Fi and multi-link Gigabit-Class LTE — enabling in-vehicle connectivity for employees, guest Wi-Fi, and telemetry data for fleet efficiency.

Protect critical information

Confidently send and receive sensitive data including public safety information, customer and payment data, and telemetry information from a highly secure, best-in-class edge solution.

Centrally manage the network

Use one cloud platform to configure, deploy, and manage all of your wireless edge routers from anywhere. Advanced analytics provide visibility into cellular, application, and Wi-Fi utilization and security.

Use purpose-built mobile routers

Because vehicles are like offices operating in wide-ranging locations, Cradlepoint’s mobile routers are built to withstand extreme environments. They offer Gigabit-Class LTE, Wi-Fi, and services such as location and telematics applications.

One platform for your entire network

Treat mobile networks as part of your organization’s converged edge. Monitor and manage all of your wireless in-vehicle, branch, and IoT routers through the same cloud-based management platform.

Rely on flexible LTE performance

Count on Cradlepoint’s advanced modems and proprietary software technologies, with support for a wide variety of carriers and nationwide first responder networks, to unlock the capabilities of Gigabit-Class LTE and 5G.

Cradlepoint NetCloud Service for Mobile provides the enterprise capabilities that organizations need to manage their in-vehicle work. Delivered through purpose-built ruggedized routers, NetCloud provides enterprise-class reliability, manageability, and security and allows cohesive management, at scale, at the converged LTE edge.